Introducing John Hancock Aspire

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Introducing John Hancock Aspire

Introducing John Hancock Aspire
Life insurance designed for people living with diabetes

Don’t let your clients pay too much for life insurance just because they’re living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes!

John Hancock Aspire combines affordable life insurance protection with a personalized diabetes management program, including devices, health coaching, resources and more. Aspire members also receive an enhanced version of the John Hancock Vitality Program, allowing them to  save as much as 25% on premiums!

Did you know that people living with diabetes represent a $6 billion untapped market opportunity? That’s why we’ve developed a robust business building toolkit with everything you need to make selling John Hancock Aspire as easy as possible.

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Aspire with Vitality Overview

Please EMAIL US if you would to request a quote for this new product!

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