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As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we recognize the difficulty in obtaining client exams and APS’s. That’s why we are pleased to announce our accelerated underwriting solution. These changes will allow us to offer:

  • Ages 18-50
    • Up to $2 million
    • UW Class Standard – Super Preferred
  • Ages 51-60
    • Up to $1 million
    • US Class Standard – Super Preferred

This program is now in effect and applies to our permanent life insurance products.*

How the program works

You will need to only submit a completed application (both Part I and II) and we’ll run an MIB, Rx and MVR.

If this information yields a Standard or better risk class, an offer will be made.

For cases that are submitted through this program that do not receive a Standard or better offer, we will reach out and attempt to fully underwrite the case.

You should continue to submit business as you normally would, and our underwriters will follow the guidelines detailed above if they meet the above criteria.

We of course continue to welcome large cases, and we will continue to fully underwrite business where an exam and APS are available.

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