Nationwide – Price Improvements for CareMatters® II

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Nationwide – Price Improvements for CareMatters® II


Nationwide is committed to carefully managing our life product portfolio to remain the strong, stable carrier you can rely on. Because of this commitment, they are pleased to announce pricing improvements to Nationwide CareMatters II.

Beginning July 11, 2022, Nationwide will implement a price improvement across all scenarios for the current CareMatters II product, in addition to increasing our maximum issue ages for some scenarios.

These changes do not apply to Nationwide CareMatters in New York and California.

Pricing improvements
The price improvement is an average decrease of 5% for all scenarios. The price decrease applies to all scenarios but will vary according to the characteristics of the case.

Maximum issue age changes
The maximum issue ages for CareMatters II will also increase from 70 to 75 for single-pay, 5-pay, and 10-pay cases when electing our Minimum Refund of Premium with Maximum LTC.

Important dates
Any policies with an effective date on or after July 11, 2022, will receive the improved pricing. Standard CareMatters backdating rules apply.


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