Mutual Trust Increases Tele-Med Limits

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Mutual Trust Increases Tele-Med Limits

Tele-Med Underwriting Limits Increased!
Limits for our popular Tele-Med Underwriting Process have increased to $500,000 of Underwriting Risk Amount!

Under the Tele-Med Underwriting Process, a paramed exam is not needed. Instead, we’ll order a tele-underwriting interview. You just need to let the proposed insured know to expect a call. It’s that easy!

Century II illustration system version 5.03 will identify eligible cases. The Underwriting Report generated with the illustration will indicate “TeleMed will be ordered by Mutual Trust” for qualifying cases. Do not order exams for these cases. Instead, we’ll arrange for a tele-underwriting interview. Be sure to submit a fully completed application package.

Click here for complete TeleMed Underwriting details.

MTL Accelerated Underwriting

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