American National – Signature Guaranteed UL Reprice

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American National – Signature Guaranteed UL Reprice


Reprice Effective 7/1/2021
Signature Guaranteed Universal Life

Rates are generally increasing by 3-5% for most categories. Despite this increase, competitive positioning should remain intact.

Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Offers:

Clients can determine the face amount and guarantee length between ages 95 to 121. The Death Benefit is guaranteed to the chosen age, assuming all premiums are paid as scheduled.

During a 60-day period following the 15th, 20th, and 25th policy anniversaries, the rider allows for surrender of policy in exchange for a partial or full return of premiums paid.


Application Date                  Application Received &                                    Client Will Receive
Processed Date                         

Before 7/1/21                    &             Before 7/1/21                                      ▶             Pre 7/1/2021 Pricing

On or After 7/1/21           &             On or After 7/1/21                               ▶            Post 7/1/2021 Pricing

Before 7/1/21                   &             On or After 7/1/21                              ▶             Pre 7/1/2021 Pricing





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