AIG PG – Non Medical Update Real Time Exam Decision

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AIG PG – Non Medical Update Real Time Exam Decision

Effective May 15, 2021, AIG PG non-medical process will be updated to provide the client a real-time decision if an exam and labs are needed upon conclusion of the tele-interview.

This update does not change the non-medical submission parameters, and a majority of non-medical applications can still be approved without an exam.

If an exam and labs are required, the paramedical exam will be scheduled for the client with APPS-Portamedic. An in-language examiner can be requested and will be supported where available.

With this change, it’s important that you discuss options with your client in advance so they can be prepared to schedule an exam if needed.

See the AIG PG bulletin for updated streamlined submission tips, and resources to help prepare your client for the tele-interview.

AIG PG Non-Medical Update: Real Time Exam Decision


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