AIG – IUL Product Updates

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AIG – IUL Product Updates


Effective May 15th, AIG is adjusting their Index Universal Life products with feature enhancement.

Reprice: Value+ Protector II
AIG is repricing Value+ Protector II in the continued low-interest rate environment while updating the Cash Value Accumulation Test (CVAT) interest rate to meet the new IRC 7702 requirements. Premiums will increase slightly while younger age guarantees decrease to under age 90. There are no changes to cash value, target premium, cap, and par rates.

Enhancement: Dollar Cost Averaging Rider
In addition to lump sum payments (1035s and non-1035s), AIG is enhancing the DCA rider to allow ongoing annual, semi-annual, and single premiums to be allocated to this rider and dispersed to the Index Interest Account over a number of months. With this release, DCA availability will be expanded to all new business Max Accumulator+/Max Accumulator+ II and Value+ Protector/Value+ Protector II issued on or after June 2018. This rider will also become available on both USL Max Accumulator+/Max Accumualtor+ II and USL Value+ Protector/Value+ Protector II in New York.

Review product bulletins for more details and transition rules.

Value + Protector II Bulletin 21-026

DCA Rider Bulletin 21-027


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